VidZone™ – Music Videos
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    VidZone™ – Music Videos

    VidZone Digital Media
    Released Jul 16, 2013
    11208 Ratings

        Create your very own music video channels featuring your favorite artists with VidZone™ on PlayStation®3. Once you’ve downloaded VidZone™ for FREE you can access it from the 'TV/Video Services' category on the XMB™ Menu.

        The VidZone™ application lets you manage your own personal library of music videos and exclusive content from thousands of top bands and solo artists. Search for your favorites, create your own music video playlists or choose from a selection of themed VidZone™ TV channels such as Hip Hop TV, Metal Mania TV and Country Hits TV.

        Looking for a specific genre? Browse through a whole range of VidZone™ Zones – from rock, pop and hip hop to chill-out tunes, dance hits and indie tracks.

        Get all of your favorite videos, playlists and TV channels in one place by adding them to “My Zone”. Be sure to let your friends know what your favorite VidZone™ videos are via your social network and PlayStation®Network friends list.

        1 player
        5GB minimum save size
        HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
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