Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1

Gammera Nest SL
Average rating 3.88 stars out of five stars from 77 ratings
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  • Offline play enabled
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Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1

    Indigo Edition

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    Average rating 3.88 stars out of five stars from 77 ratings
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    Twogether: Project Indigos is a single player third person puzzle adventure. Set in the frightening Hexacells facilities, Twogether will pose original puzzles that will only be solvable by collaboration.

    The game will make the players examine, evaluate and act according to the elements in their surroundings and the powers of the two protagonists, as if they were to escape from a gloomy Escape Room.

    Rafi has the telekinesis power and Sam can use teleportation. Together, they must collaborate to solve various challenges deep inside Hexacells so they can escape.

    They will forge a powerful friendship along the way that will make them a relentless team.

    Key Features:

    Powers: Teleport to unreachable places with Sam and move objects from the distance with Rafi.

    Puzzles: Face intricate puzzles that will require you to combine both powers.

    Atmosphere: Discover Hexacells, a laboratory that secretly investigates children with supernatural powers.

    Be part of the adventure together with Rafi and Sam, where they will find friendship for the first time while they escape Hexacells.

    Gammera Nest SL
    Action, Adventure, Puzzle
    Screen Languages:
    English, Spanish
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