Ancient Amuletor

Ancient Amuletor

Time of Virtual Reality
  • PS Plus required for online play
  • PS VR, PS Camera & PS Move controller required
  • Supports up to 3 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional


Ancient Amuletor Demo

    Ancient Amuletor

      Ancient Amuletor is an action tower defense game that throws you into the ancient world to battle magical creatures, monsters and other legendary foes in single-player and cooperative multiplayer for up to three players.

      ●Visit age-old civilizations and immerse yourself in spectacular environments in thrilling fights against armies of mythological enemies.
      ●Swap at any time between mighty hero classes like the archer, gunner, mage and puppeteer - each with their own specific set of controls and skills.
      ●Arcade-style controls using PS®Move make for fast and enjoyable pick-up-and-play gameplay. Fire powerful weapons and summon fearsome magic with realistic feeling and motion.
      ●Play alone, or team up with your friends - the game supports up to three players at once in all levels!
      ●Full-body IK technology gives you the ability to see your whole body in VR!

      Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( &

      1 player
      Network Players 2-3 - Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer
      Online Play (Optional)
      PlayStation®VR Required
      PlayStation®Camera Required
      2 PS®Move controllers required

      Software subject to license ( Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( & One-time license fee for play on account’s designated primary PS4™ system and other PS4™ systems when signed in with that account.

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      Time of Virtual Reality
      Action, Arcade
      PlayStation VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required. VR games may cause some players to experience motion sickness.

      To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.