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Pro Turkey Hunting


    Pro Turkey Hunting



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      Experience virtual spring gobbler hunting at it's finest! Whether you are a turkey hunter that needs off season action or a game enthusiast that enjoys playing true to life hunting simulations 'Pro Turkey Hunting' is the fix you need. Game play centers around the four wild turkey sub-species residing in North America; easterns, osceolas, rios and merriams. Harvesting each sub-species is referred to as the 'Grand Slam' of turkey hunting. Get close to that gobbler and use your calls and decoy to lure him in. But be careful not to move too abruptly, these old gobblers have incredible eyesight! Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to earn the coveted 'Grand Slam'!

      * High definition environmental graphics.
      * Four expansive hunting areas dispersed in different geographic areas in North America.
      * Simulation paramters for hunting- gobbler population/difficulty, gobbling activity, hen influence, sub-species to hunt.
      * Turkey gear options- shotgun, turkey calls, locator calls, decoy, camouflage.
      * Turkey Hunting Realism- strutting gobblers, hens, realistic calling interaction.
      * Four different sub-species available to hunt.

      PSR Outdoors
      Shooter, Simulator
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