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Super Kids Racing Trial

    Super Kids Racing

      All in One Family Games

        All in One Family Games is combination of 5 games such as Super Kids Racing, Horse Racing 2016, Dark Mystery, Epic World and Space Explore. All the family members will enjoy playing all the games again and again.

        Super Kids Racing Game Info
        Get Ready for Ultimate Kids Racing Adventure. This game will give you chance to make your kids happy with your happiness.

        -Suitable specially for kids and there families too.
        -8 Racing Challenges with upto 100 laps in the game.
        -More then 100 cars available in the game.
        -Various different environments like desert, snow, city, highway, etc.
        -Both Kids and family will Enjoy this game.

        Lets play these games with your family and friends.

        Horse Racing 2016 Game Info
        Horse Racing 2016 is most Fabulous and Entertaining Game for Everyone. If you want to feel real horse racing championship, show your desire and courage to play this game. This Game Uniqueness makes you play this game for hours, you will love to play this game again and again.

        - 6 Horses with 6 Jockeys to race with.
        - Each Horse has its unique abilities.
        - 6 Different tracks.- 10 Seasons + Season Finale.
        - 55 Events to Play.
        - Different climatic conditions and Day & Night Races.
        - 5 Different race types : Time Trial, Normal, Straight, Hurdles, Free Rider
        - 4 Players Offline Split screen Multiplayer
        - Intuitive controls and Easy UI.
        Get Ready for Real Action, Real Adventure, Real Horse Racing Championship.........

        Dark Mystery Game Info
        Dark Mystery is a Puzzled Platformer Game in which player faces different types of difficulties to find his true love. This Game is based on true love between Furry (Player) and her Queen which has been lost into the Dark World. This Game is fun making, full of challenging, brainstorming with 35 exciting levels.


        • Amazing Brainstorming Puzzles in the Game.
        • 35 Different Strategical Levels.
        • 2 Player Multiplayer Support on Single Screen.
        • Player’s excitement increases as difficulty increases after every Level.
        • Intuitive controls and Easy UI.

        Get Ready for Adventurous Journey ahead…..

        Epic World Game Info
        Epic World is a Platformer action game with tricky elements, hidden treasures and dangerous enemies. You become an adventurer exploring a continuously evolving levels to recapture the stolen gold from the orcs king.

        Features :
        1. 7 different stages to play.
        2. Players will be excited to play 6 levels in each stage. There are 42 different levels in total.
        3. Players can choose from 3 different characters with different weapons.
        4. 13 types of enemies with different abilities.
        5. Plenty of shiny gold coins.
        6. Hidden Treasure chests.
        7. 16+ unique tricky elements.

        Get ready for adventurous journey ahead….

        Space Explore Game Info
        Experience how Spacecraft’s lift-off into orbit. Join the crew on space shuttle missions and assist in the servicing of the space station. Take a trip into orbit and experience The Earth from above. Encounter life on board the space station, learn how to move in zero-gravity and participate in space walks. Take control of the shuttle in an accurate physics based landing simulation.

        Space Explore is a game as well as an educational simulation. Experience the thrill of viewing The Earth in orbit.

        1. High quality models and textures.
        2. Smooth gaming experience for everyone.
        3. Scientifically accurate simulations and gameplay.
        4. Physics based landing and takeoff.
        5. Multi language support.

        Family, Adventure, Driving/Racing
        English, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)
        Screen Languages:
        English, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)
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