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Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
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This Bed We Made


    This Bed We Made



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      Welcome to the Clarington Hotel! Step into This Bed We Made, a compelling third-person mystery narrative game that immerses you in the captivating charm of the 1950s. Assume the role of Sophie, an indiscreet chambermaid at a hotel where every room holds a secret, and every guest has a story waiting to be unpacked.

      You'll delve into the hidden corners of guests' lives, uncovering concealed stories and unraveling an absorbing mystery. What lies behind closed doors is far from ordinary.

      As you piece together clues and solve intricate puzzles, you'll encounter a cast of compelling characters, from the elusive Beth to the charming Andrew. The potential for alliances, or perhaps even a budding romance, lies in your hands. Just be careful not to leave any evidence behind…

      - NEO-NOIR INVESTIGATION: Discover a dark, mysterious and intriguing story with a touch of glamour and murder as you explore three atmospheric floors of the Clarington Hotel;

      - GUILTY PLEASURE: Explore your (in)discreet fascination with other peoples' lives while you inspect their belongings in 360° and solve puzzles;

      - CONFIDENTIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Form intimate bonds with hotel employees and guests, including your choice of ally between street-smart Beth and book-smart Andrew;

      - LIFELIKE CONSEQUENCES: Every action taken, and every door opened, can have an impact on how the story unfolds... including how you tidy up the rooms!

      This Bed We Made is a whirlwind of glamour, mystery, and intrigue that unfolds over the course of a single, unforgettable day. It's time to check in.

      Lowbirth Games Inc.
      English, French (France)
      Screen Languages:
      English, French (France)
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