• Vibration function supported (DualSense wireless controller)
Blood, Mild Language, Violence
  • Vibration function supported (DualSense wireless controller)


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Prepare for an legendary Action RPG with intense souls-like combat. Master blocking and dodging. Explore a vast open world. Enhance attributes, acquire skills, wield blazing swords or a poisoned spear. Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure?

SOULS-LIKE COMBAT – combat based on stamina management, dodging and blocking.
VARIOUS WEAPON COMBINATIONS – many weapon types with unique movesets for each combination. Wield two axes, a spear and a shield, a two-handed sword - create your own playstyle.
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT – extensive skill tree, passive and active skills, upgradable stats and attributes.
A WIDE RANGE OF ENEMIES – fight regular bandits & warriors, mythological monsters and powerful bosses with unique behaviours and tactics.
CRAFTING SYSTEM – collect loot and create usable items like potions, petards, stat enhancements + many more.
OPEN WORLD – an expansive world to explore, including many smaller levels like dungeons and basements.
STORY AND QUEST ELEMENTS - discover an intriguing story with two different endings and complete various side quests in the meantime.

Discover an extraordinary adventure in a dynamic Action RPG with souls-like combat. Explore the mythical world of ancient Greece, where you’ll assume the role of the fearless warrior, Achilles.

Dive into a world where mastering combat is key to survival. Block and evade attacks, then sever limbs and heads of your foes. Develop your own tactics and achieve success over your enemies. If you fall in battle, rise again, enhance your hero's skills, try a different tactic, and venture forth once more.

Revel in the spectacular sights. Explore open worlds and take on countless challenges. Become an unbeatable hero!

Dark Point Games S.A.
Role Playing Games, Action
Screen Languages:
Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Turkish, Ukrainian
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