Witch on the Holy Night -Trial Version-

Aniplex of America Inc.
Average rating 4.87 stars out of five stars from 337 ratings
  • 1 player
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS4 Version
    PS4 Pro enhanced
Blood, Language, Violence
  • 1 player
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS4 Version
    PS4 Pro enhanced


Witch on the Holy Night

  • Witch on the Holy Night(game)

Witch on the Holy Night -Trial Version-

    Digital Deluxe Edition

    • Witch on the Holy Night(game)
    • Magician's Basic Tune(about 100 pages)


    Global player ratings

    Average rating 4.87 stars out of five stars from 337 ratings
    337 ratings
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    This is the trial version of "Witch on the Holy Night," a section of the game available to play for free.
    *Please note that save data cannot be carried over to the full version.

    Product Description
    TYPE-MOON, known for the popular game app "Fate/Grand Order" and the epic visual novel "Tsukihime," is releasing the visual novel "Witch on the Holy Night," first released for PC in 2012, on PlayStation®4.
    Experience a young adult tale, set in the vibrant and bustling 1980s, that follows an innocent young man and two young "witches."
    Updates added since the PC version include the fully voiced characters that fans have long awaited, as well as visuals remastered in full HD, bringing the experience to life with unparalleled image quality.
    Various new visual elements not only imbue battle scenes with tension, but also breathe life into the characters' everday activities, with motions that bring a sense of animation and make the text even more deeply immersive.

    Two witches dwell within a mansion atop a hill.

    It is the late 1980s, the twilight years of a vibrant and bustling era.
    A boy arrives in the city only to encounter two witches living in the present day.

    The boy leads a normal life.
    One of the girls is proud and dignified.
    The other lives hidden away, as if in slumber.

    Three stars in parallel orbit, fated never to meet.
    The story of how these three completely different characters come to live under one roof will soon be revealed...

    First released in 2012 for PC, "Witch on the Holy Night" returns after 10 years, further refined with fully voiced characters and a full HD visual remaster.

    Aniplex of America Inc.
    Screen Languages:
    Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, Japanese
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