Chess Gambit

Ralitza Borisova Hristova trading as D-Lo Games
Fantasy Violence


Chess Gambit


    Chess Gambit


      This game transports you to a low-poly environment where castles, tough soldiers, battle-hardened knights and loyal bishops are the true stars. Use your best strategies to open a path and conquer the castle of your opponent’s king!

      Game features:

      • 3D environment and boards.
      • Animated 3D pieces.
      • Face off against the advanced AI. Choose from 9 possible difficulty levels.
      • Win trophies every time you beat the AI.
      • Play face-to-face with your friends or family.
      • Automatic match-saving.
      • Switch between a 3D view and the classic 2D view.
      • Day or night environment scenario selection.
      • Option to use an openings book for the AI.

      Ralitza Borisova Hristova trading as D-Lo Games
      Screen Languages:
      English, French (France), German, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish
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