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    Released Nov 12, 2013

        Instantly stream over 3,000 BIG Hollywood hit movies, concerts, comedy specials and originals with the EPIX app. Get unlimited access to the best of Hollywood uncut and commercial-free on PlayStation® FREE with your EPIX subscription through your TV service provider. Not a subscriber, log on to EPIX.com for a FREE 14-day trial – no credit card required.

        With the EPIX app, immediately start streaming:

        • BIG MOVIES - the biggest movies Hollywood has to offer with titles like SKYFALL, Marvel’s THE AVENGERS, JACK REACHER and thousands more – uncut and commercial-free

        • BIG MUSIC - Music fans can access massive concert performances from artists including COLDPLAY, MADONNA and P!NK

        • BIG COMEDY - Catch the latest stand-up comedy shows from comedians like , JIM NORTON, JIM BREUER, SHERRI SHEPHERD and more

        • BIG STORIES – Documentaries showcasing dynamic personalities like NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire to controversial headline-makers like TWA FLIGHT 800 and SCHOOLED: THE PRICE OF COLLEGE SPORTS

        720p HD Video Output

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