PS All-Stars PS3™ Isaac Clarke, Zeus and Graveyard Pack
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PS All-Stars PS3™ Isaac Clarke, Zeus and Graveyard Pack

Sony Computer Entertainment America
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    Dead Space™'s Isaac Clarke

    Dead Space™'s fearless hero Isaac Clarke flies into the fray, armed to the teeth and using his Kinesis and Stasis powers to put a stop anyone in his way.

    Isaac Clarke combines spinning sawblades, his trusty Plasma Cutter, grenade launchers and more with his deadly Kinesis and Stasis powers to shred his All-Star opponents.

    God of War's Zeus
    God of War's Zeus descends from Olympus to shock mere mortals into submission.

    As "King of the Gods" God of War's Zeus, packs an epic punch. Super-charged strikes and lightning bolts will fly as Zeus lays waste to any mortal foolish enough to oppose him.

    Fight to the death in MediEvil's Graveyard while ink-splats fly, revealing hidden stage elements from the world of "The Unfinished Swan."

    Starting in MediEvil's graveyard amidst tombstones, zombies, and wise-cracking gargoyles, the new "Graveyard" battle arena fades to white as "The Unfinished Swan" mash-up takes over with black ink splats flying at the arena, revealing new hidden structures while the statue of the King, the labyrinth, and his castle loom over the dueling All-Stars.

    Requires the PS Vita and PS3™ system versions of the software (may be sold separately).

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