FAIRY TAIL Digital Deluxe

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PS4Digital Deluxe
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      [Content included in this product]
      - FAIRY TAIL game
      - DDX Only Lucy's Costume Gust Collaboration Ryza & Limited Edition Growth Lacrima x 5
      - Natsu's Costume "Fairy Tail Team A"
      - Lucy's Costume "Fairy Tail Team A"
      - Gray's Costume "Fairy Tail Team A"
      - Erza's Costume "Fairy Tail Team A"
      - Wendy's Costume "Fairy Tail Team A"

      A game based on the popular "FAIRY TAIL" is available on PlayStationⓇ4 for the first time!

      ■Play as powerful mages from different guilds
      A total of 16 playable characters!
      Various characters from guilds other than "Fairy Tail" appear!
      Also, the game includes an original episode.

      ■Magic battles, Fairy Tail style
      Familiar moves from the source material such as Unison Raid and Extreme Magic can be performed!
      There are also Unison Raids that are original to the game.

      ■Aim to become the No. 1 guild
      The town of Magnolia and inside of the guild are fully depicted.
      Complete missions that appear on the request board, raise your guild's rank with your comrades, and aim to become the No. 1 guild!

      Note: "FAIRY TAIL" is also available as a stand-alone purchase. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.
      Note: The Limited Edition Growth Lacrima is only available as a bonus for purchasable content. Also, the content might become available again as a bonus for future purchasable content.
      Note: All items included in the Digital Deluxe Edition may become available for purchase at a later date.

      Koei Tecmo Europe Ltd
      Screen Languages:
      English, French (France)
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